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This section is for my arms and coat of arms and hearldry, I am posting this here as resource to understanding healdry and post my arms as the domain is mine own. You the viewer have to get permission to reproduce or display my arms and or healdry. Outside of viewing this page via a internet connection to the vasdrakken domain. The only exception is the college of arms of England has right to edit or modify my arms at any time. I am of direct blood line of House Ulster. I am the heir presumpuase of that house, by the Grace of God and the blessing of the church of England. My arms exsit as the peer Benjamin Mathias Solheim et Vas'Drakken per the Solheim crest. Those are my personal arms. They are superceeded by my catholic arms as Lord Commander of the Faith. Some days it feels like the united Kingdom and the Catholic Church were trying to one up each other, because I was born on American soil and raised Catholic before a peer risen me to English Nobility.

My full name starts getting crazy as a bunch of young noble women wanted to be rock stars instead of nobility. Eventually the college of arms will figure out what the new arms look like but this page and the copy mirrored to cg society as an illustrated work, easier to make sure my trademarks and copyrights are protected, are to show the process.

I was only partically involded in the creation of the first set of arms as Diane chose to create them how she felt like and I had no say in it. Well the arms are a result of my actions and birth parents not my gaurdians growing up, but explaining them helps understand how arms are created it is by your actions not deeds or words alone.

This means it is what you do not what you inheirt or what you say that your arms are created from.

My arms as a principle heir of the House of Ulster, is a spot cat raised by the royalty I spotted. It is a pun. The arum and argent are to show that I am a prince in name not an actual in Name. That means that I hold what is called a tolken name until I sire a childen and the child reaces the age of five while still being a viable bloodline to some other line. That name is Solheim to tell me my home was Norway in the city of Oslawego, the captial city of Oslo. The motto is three four leaf clovers of red white and blue to show my mother's irish stubborness. She chose to travel while pregant which is something nobility get in trouble for when the child is born in the wrong country. As happened with me. The United States of America deported them back to the United Kingdom, and give me to several difffernet families to raise. Which tends to leave me more kindhearted toward runaways. I only sorta did that by accident once when my baby sitter snuck me on the Type-0 Negitive bus to hang out with her brother on tour. That was a fun tour. I'm pretty sure the band still has nightmares from that tour. I was a teenager hanging out back stage at raves...

This section is for other people's arms and coat of arms and hearldry, as explames of who coats of arms work. They belong to the bloodline not me so they can be described by not republished without their explicate permission. The same goes for my Arms you the viewer have to get permission to reproduce or display my arms and or healdry. The only exception is the college of arms of England has right to edit or modify my arms at any time.
The color tests above are based on firs not tints or metals to show my different callings on my oaths. I swore an oath of allegence to the flage and all it stands for. To me that means to the ideals of the founding fathers and mothers of the united states of america. This means people like Amerigo Ves Puchii, Geogre Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and so forth.

I swore an oath to the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church. You start with being baptised I was in fourth grade, may guardians agreed to raise me catholic then adopted two mormon children and raised them jewish. I have no idea why and at this point I doubt it matters since their relatives in North Dakota objected to me not being Catholic. Which lead to being in Catholic Doctoren Class, which is what they do with children who are Catholic but are being raised by people not of that faith. Which lead to me meeting some very interesting people and eventually at the request of my girl friend I chose to go through confirmation in seventh grade only since the One Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church had taken an interest in me as a priest the monsignor asked me to consider holy orders. I told him that if God's first command was to go forth and sire children then how was being celebite right? He blinked and said that is a difacult question. He said he would get back to me on that. This is around the time I find out he is a monsignor not just a father of the church. He gets back to me a month later and says so there are other options.

He talks to some benidictines at a monastery up in lake champlain, new york. They along with a couple jusiets or displices of christ and few other guys who refused to say what ordis they represented explained that I was being offered the chance to go through knights training. They said if I failed they would only have two options monk or priest. I blinked and said I really don't want to give up sex. One of the guys starts laughing and said he will have no trouble at all. The other guys looked at him and he said nadda worry at all. He was laughing. He was big guy with dark curly beard and probablly the only person who ever taught me that being fast but not accurate is no good at all. I was fast even back then with a stick or toy sword but I could either get my body were it needed to be or my stick or sword in sparring. I have only gotten faster since then but learning that slowing down slightly to be able to hit what I am aiming at is always worth the lose of time. So I go up there a couple times for a retreat or Catholic vaction from dealing with the stress of people who are not willing to try and be nice to everyone who is nice back to them. The world is only as nice as you make it and polite I understood, swords, exercise and so forth not so much. I was lazy kid, smart enough to not have to work hard at things other people stuggled with so I only worked when I had to. The monks and knights taught me different.

This was in nineteen ninety one, so it was a long time ago. So I spent the next few years training, including every mertit badge the boy scouts counclies could offer me, and meet several people who would make a major impact in my life later on at the national jamboree in nineteen ninety three, after being raised to a knight of the bishops court. Pope John Paul the Second was the one who took my alligence to God saying he was Bishop while wearing the red cardinals hat and having the Pope's miter of office. I was puzzled since one the hat was red meaning cardinal, and the staff looked like a dream catcher. But he he grinned and took my vow of being catholic and my oath to God at the same mass. I really don't think anyone other than the preists even knew enough latin to know what I was saying. But I meet him at the Vatican in, Vatican City, a couple years later when he decided that I was going to be part of one of the old ordis. I asked why one too many times. So when I asked questions he shurgged and said these are the ordis that asked why, pick one of them. I chose the one with cool looking dragon. He blinked and said dear lord, then looked up at the heavens and said something, I looked over and sayed what? He started laughing and said like children often do. He shrugged and said be it on your head, then looked at me and said new hair cut right? I blinked and say yes a couple of my friends got me to let juile who wanted to be a hairdresser cut it. He laughed and said that books does not leave the Vatican, and the rest of the books are down in the catocombs it is cold you are just going to have to wear a robe and read as much as you can. Your gaurdians are waiting for you? I said they are on the tour. He blinked and said Oh, I forget about mass. He looks around then leans his head out he says you to the first person he saw a nun, and said lead him down to the catocombs and make sure he only opens the ones that match that book. The books stay the information goes with him. Capese. She blinks and starts stammering and gathers her thoughts and yes your holiness. She walks over grabs my arms and says this way young lord. I blink and say lord? She looks and the book in my hand and laughs and says you got sponsored by a priest not a knight. She starts laughing and says it will be alright they will like you but you will always be a knight commander not a knight. She says something then crosses her self and looks again at the book. There is then she blinks and says well God clearly spoke. I blink I am totally confused at this point. She starts laughing and says the ordis clearly planned this but you must have been very scary on the sparring field. I blink and say but he offered my choice of books... She snorts and laughs and says kid, she mutters something your dignity you are a knight of the bishops court the ordis likely all sent some one to train you hoping one of them would take over the sponsor ship to become a sanctified ordis. I said but they all treated me like one of them. She laughs and says that is the point. Then her drops and says your america? She looks at me like I have grown another head. I look at her and say but weren't the knight american? We were in upstate New York.
She says knight commanders come from the peerage you have to be then starts muttering two steps down or less. She sighs and says you likely have to be not missed long. The tour takes about two hours and mass will be another two hours his holiness might strech it out longer to give you time to read more but you really have to get back here at some point. So she leads me to another room this really old creaky nun says newy minted from semanry? The nun leading me around laughs and says worse he is knight commander a wee bit lost. The woman starts laughing and says which one. The nun grins and the darkening flame. The woman starts choking and says who in God's name is still left alive from that foul order. I look at the nun, and say I am missing something? She grins and says your Ordis is the founding order that vladamier tzep order desends from. The she says donna worry your pretty head people are only going to make jobs about dracula rising from the dead for the rest of your life. The old lady holds out her hand and says book. I look at her. She sighs and says your most dignified sir, please present your ordis's arms. I blink and look at the book and hand it to her. She carefully opens the book and looks through the first couple of pages and says this is real deal. Where did it come from, I say Monsignor Sharky told me show my archangle michaels medalion to the guards and they would escort to his friend father gregory. She starts laughing they really did that to you. I blink I am having a feeling this is all joke. She says well your taking it in stride. I blink so far I got to see some painting then the guards had me fall back from the group and go talk to old guy who told me to chose from a couple old books. I picked the one with the cool dragon in it. She laughed and says likely that is what your predesceor said. Your ordis has not have a living member since 1473 as in the book. You will have to sign your name before you leave today. The book stays the ordis becomes a living ordis from the momement you enter the public again until you die without a heir. At least it is not vlad order but the main line. She hands me a robe and pizza wheel. I look at it, and she says it is cut the lead betweent the panes of glass please becare they are there to keep the books intact. The nun looks at it and starts laughing today and says I was supposed to wash his holiness office now instead I am going to be learning how to resoldr stained glass. I blink and say it looks like a aligraphy pen and if you write the edge the edges melt together nicely. She looks and me and starts laughing. Put the robe on you will draw less notice. I shrug on the soft sable robe, and we walk down to the catocombs looking for windows that have keys in them and the crest. We find a couple and some of the books are so old they don't even seem to open. She sighs and says someone should have buried that book if they were never going to open those crypts up again. I look at her and she says the living ordis have someone who copies the books every decade to new books and they keep the old ones to show it is the same book until they rot of old age. Some of those books are likely from before vladamier tzep time when he would have been given copies of some of them to create his romainian order. I blink and say so what is the difference between ordis and order. She says an ordis is duty to god in the high first then to mortal concerns, and order is duty to country first. I blink oh. Later this makes sense since one nation under God.

So I looking at the books and she brings me hot tea every once in while and finally she says your friends are waiting outside. I say oh she is going to be pissed, how long has the tour been over. She says you have been reading for five hours. I look down with ink smudges on my hands and some on my face. This is going to be hard to explain isn't it. She sighs hands me a wash cloth and says it is not modern ink it washes off. I wash off the inks and smudges and she says buy something in the gift shop and act distracted it might help. I shrug and say ok. Don't raise any vampires or ghouls. I blink and say what? She sighs and says your ordis was shelved becuase there was questions as to if demons were being summoned to inhabit the dead and walk around. I say and people belived this. She says it was the fourteen hundreds. Just don't ok? I laugh and say no problem. I then says what do I do with the books? She says they are my problem until you have a chapter house. Next time you are in switerland you have a house to sleep. Not my bed though. Then she giggles and says God already claimed that.

So I buy a emrald rosary for my guardian's grandmother who was for lack of a better phrase born and catholic. She was born hebrew and survived the horrors of war and found peace in church. They simply charged the cost of the rosary to my ordis. But how this impact healdry. So the things in life are what go on your coat of arms. The ordis was the order drakkenwold of the netherlands during the some of the worst fighting. They emplyed lansketzh to wear layers of garb on top of real armor so they would change through blades and appear to shurg off cuts that would kill another man, and weilded the strongest steel they could find wrapped around a wood and lead shaft. So the sword would be seventy to eighty inches of blade and three to seven inches wide. They appeared to be super humanly strong on the battle field because the weight came from a lead shafted spear with a really long lance head, in practive. Since it looked like a sword their enemies assumed it was a sword and the leverage hit so hard that, that they broke armies simply by charging the enemy silent as death. They would have claws sculpted on the segmented figners of the articulated gauntlets. Which is why the vampires ended up on their arms. They did what ever was needed to get the enemy to stop fighting then simply walked off the battle to go find a public house to get drunk. Thus my arms have to take the primary charge which is my ordis, thus a winged dragon as terrifing as possible modifed by being a sainted or sanctified knight. So the fire is blue or green or white. Then the vampires and lanskzte have to make an apperance as a charge. So a vampire worshing God is the best I can think of. Then twisting the charge to as above so below, as I was told to find the people where they found God and find out if they found God or something less than God. Then ask them why. It has interesting impact. People often say becuase and when I say as a catholic I refuse to accept that the current translation is accurate, most think that they have to question what they belive in. Which makes it that God above wants to redeem those angels that fell but are still worth saving to doing the same here on earth. So star cross with eleven points on each star above in one panel and below in the panel to represent following in God's footsteps. Likely there will be an innocent looking on at the God above and the father or priest on earthy trying to do the same thing.
This leads to the two sides of the shield being arches up to an ordis loking toward God Above, as the Vatican slowly re-translates all their old books to try and find the meaning and oringal stories in the bible. Asing why, like children often do.

From there is my miliary service where I was an office of a forign miliary without even knowing it which was funny, and I got the mocker of general joker and a few other nicknames. So I have to build the hearldy of the units I had to temporaly take over due to lack of personel so that the commands could bump up to a higher level two up. One up as for me to our rank the commander, and two up for the commander to take back his command and get enough personel to do the job.

So I have the 305th Aerospace Medicine that reported to the 305 Medical Group Commander because he need more rank to do the job he was tasked with. I have my 305 Medical Group hat some where around here but I think the arms for the 305 Aerospace when I held brevet command never got created.

Then there was an innicent were the weather floor did not have someone able to make the command to issue an server weather warning. It saved lives but I had to brevet up to Colonel then back down to Senior Airman. Being special forces are given that ability so that when serveing as military police they can arrest anyone on higher commands direct orders and not worry about who out ranks who. So I got my challenge coin for taking over the squardon until he make enough rank to be a Brigider General. My final Rank is Lord Commander of my Ordis as an honorary rank in the United States Armed Forces as you retire at the highest rank you have held and I held knight commnader as an airman in the USAF. I have an argulieet that the ordis decided they did not want anyone to know how to tie the knots at ren faires so  one of the knights who was a knight in real life outside the ren faire cut them off and started making sure my clothes when at the ren faire met my station in life as the sumparny laws are legal at ren faires. Which is why they are so hard to setup as the country and state have to approve of them. I have a feeling some senators are going to get good laugh if they show up at one next time as they are told they have to rent or buy peerage clothing or wear street clothes. Since The United States has families with two hundred years of unbroken trust with the constitution.

Which leads to the weird rules. So a brevet rank is not inherited you vote a senator into office of a lord. They retire as a lord of the realm, but they kids are privlaiged meaning they are rised by parents to privalege status not peerage because the child has to be borne of her mother womb in order for her to be the blood line. A male child can rule in their mother or father's name but only a female borne of her mother's line can inheirt. Meaning that if you are noblity and male your children only inheirt your name and arms in diminutive if they are borne of a noble woman in her own right. They both also have to come from families with no treason in the last two hundred years. Congress decided that the young woman could rule in her husbands name until the vote meaning she was her husbands senchal not a lady in her own right. So if both parents are brevet to congress at the country level then the child if born of her mother womb is a cadent family. If she become peerage in her own name, then she becomes linage. So you can only move up one step in life, but you can brevet as high as one step down. The speaker of the house is the second highest peer in the united states as the constitution is the rule of law. Pestage is the the first person to speak is the lord or lady of that name and the last person to speak are the desendants of the ruler of the land. So every citizen has a right to speak up but the constuitions bill of rights speaks last. Thus having the highest peerage.

The supreme court, congress and the special forces form the keeper of the honor for the constition. Congress as the law makers that take the simple concepts and apply them to situtions that are covered but not explict enough for people not to try and weasel out of trouble. The supreme court to decide if the laws really reflect what is in the consitition. The special forces to take direction from congress to remove enemies both forign and domestic from threating the nations honor. The president is the cheif executive officer that handles the day to day of the country so the crown, congress can focus on fixing laws so that people can have a good life to enjoy the fruits of their labours. The special forces report to who ever they are working for but ultimately report to the presidents boss, congress, which is why they have the ability to be judge jury and executionary of the president.
This is how you then understand rank verse peerage. Your legislature is the body populous who gives the commands without regaurd to situation. This is peerage, rank takes the sitution into command the expericne of command and weighs what is the best decsions at the time. The Special Forces are those who understand every action they take is weighed as if they have the training they often don't simply to make sure the best choice is made without worring about anyone's feelings getting hurt. If they are wrong is bad for everyone one if they are right everyone walks around wondering if they are going to get second guessed by their subordinaites. Most don't wear the patches unless something wrong happens, but usually make sure to go through the base gate with a different rank on so that the security forces which are special forces know who they are in the event they need additonal forces as well if they are called on to deal with a vandenburg situation. So my arms have to have enough stars on them much like Eisnehower's arms for kinda taking over Sheppard AFB for a couple months by accident. I have no idea what rank they will decide the final rank is but with eight stars It gives room for four on each collar or eight stars as two crosses. Being an ordis under God's rule, I still have to obey what is clearly constituition by divine right of kings, I am guessing two hundred years as one nation covers that. So Brigidier General, Major General, Lietuent General, Capiten General (General or General General), then army of armies the five star, then armies of armies, the last two report to congress not the potusa, then Knight Commander and Last Field Marshal. The knight commander reports to God, then the miliary orders, then to country, then to personal duty. Knight commanders who are lords in their own right and name or Lordes, are Lord Commanders, and still being knights have to take all their oaths to their graves, or do not have the rank. Field Marshals report to an alliacne of nations. Which makes me an eleven which is were the elveen pointed star comes from. I had to use math to get an equally distanct eleven sided and pointed star.
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